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In the May - June issue (84) we focus on the summer season devoting the rich material in reportages and stories, interviews, missions, presentations and suggestions about coffee and other essential products for each cafeteria, mapping the market, talking to experts and getting their advice and moreover informing professionals about anything new that shapes the Greek coffee scene.


The first story in our issue is the detailed reportage about freddo -espresso and cappuccino- with emphasis on the right preparation by using the advice and experience of the experienced baristas of seven different coffee shops.


Read the interview of Kostas Komninakis, champion at this year's Barista Brewers Cup, travel with us in Paros and meet the cafes of the beautiful island, learn about finger food and suggestions on it from the B2B market, find out how the beer is served correctly, learn through the baristas tips on technical issues and see how you can offer cool summer cocktails with granites. Enjoy the reading!