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During the high peak of summer season, SNACK & COFFEE 78 arrives at you, hopefully bringing a cool breeze, made up of a multitude of reports, missions, interviews and articles around the cafeteria industry, always consistent and updated on the latest developments! Beginning with a full story about cold brew, the trend that seem to have come to stay, we are talking with cafeteria professionals who have invested in the dynamics of the beverage, and we learn everything we need to fit properly and efficiently into the business catalogues.

Later on, we meet Stathis Koremtas,2018’s winner of the Brewer's Cup at HORECA, in an interview where he talks about the requirements of competitions and the secrets that can make victory closer to reach at.

We travel to Rhodes Island where we visit cafeterias and record the views of professionals in order to capture the connection of the sector with the high tourist traffic of the island and on the other hand the emphasis on the high quality.

Then we put the pizza in the ... center of conversation with entrepreneurs who put on their list the Italian delicacy, in a detailed report with useful information. Right after, comes the ... dessert that is cool milkshakes, which follow the trends of the season and are a very popular summer drink. We turn to the experts (Kavaklid Georged, Pau Emmanouilidis and Haris Nikolouzos) for a successful summer beer and food pairing and while hosting summer winemaking proposals by Aris Sklavenitis. Finally, we are getting prepared for the 3rd Athens Coffee Festival (29th - 30th September and 1st October) which comes dynamically to gather professionals and coffee lovers in a real coffee festival!