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In the July - August issue (85) of Snack & Coffee Magazine and while… winter is coming, we present a wide material of reportages, exclusive interviews, all day cafe presentations and suggestions as well as other important tips and news for coffee industry. The highlight is the 4th Athens Coffee Festival, which will take place from 28 to 30 September in Technopolis in Gazi, asserting its fame of the meeting point for all the professional of the coffee sector and the coffee lovers as well. Also read the interviews of Tatiani Kambiotis, Business Executive Officer of Nestlé Professional, Christos Douvas, champion of greek Latte Art and the stories behind the success of the best six baristas in the world according to the world’s SCA championships. Visit with us the suburb of Nea Smyrni and its "coffee oriented”culture at the central square, learn the secrets of Greek coffee from the best professionals, make the most of coffee experts' technical advice and discover original coffee cocktails recipes. Enjoy the reading!