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SNACK & COFFEE current issue #81 highlights even more aspects of the dynamically growing coffee entrepreneurship, through interviews, researches, news reports and presentations, covered in 160 pages.

Starting with the interview of Manos Mamakis, the Greek Champion in Coffee in Good Spirits 2018 who conquered the 2nd place in the World Championship in Brazil, shares with us the secret of his success and two recipes of super coffee cocktails! The new coordinator of SCA Greece, Kostas Kalafatas, clarifies his priorities and goals and looks into the impact and potential of specialty coffee in the Greek market, while Nikolas Konstantinidis -winner of German Brewing Championship 2018- compares Germany and Greece and insists on the importance of initiating customers into specialty coffee.

Drinking Chocolate -as a reliably best-selling beverage for all ages and a motive for one’s first contact with a coffee business- is a must-have for all the managers we interviewed to capture chocolate’s newest trends.

Korinthos is the city S&C chose as a travel mission for this issue. Twelve coffee business owners give the imprint of their city and shed light on its particular characteristics.

Snack and coffee pairings, food and wine combinations, signature recipes, along with numerous features, articles and data give access to all vivid aspects of the Greek and International coffee market. Enjoy!