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Issue 95 of Snack&Coffee Magazine (May-June 2021) welcomes the new tourism season packed full of summer proposals for the coffee&food service sector. At the same time, we are gearing up towards the 5th Athens Coffee Festival, the FORUM SA trade show to kickstart in-person Greek exhibitions between the 25th and 27th of September. The current issue hosts a broad variety of coffee news, surveys, reports and presentations. Among its rich content, highlights include the most important current events in the coffee business, aiding professionals in keeping up to speed on the latest market developments.

Stay in touch with new market trends and business solutions concerning best-seller products such as ice tea, ice-cream/gelato makers, as well as ice-cream serving set-ups. Read all about everybody’s favorite freddo on our featured story with useful advice from one businessman to another and tips from acclaimed baristas for the perfect cold coffee beverages. Furthermore, get acquainted with espresso affogato and also find out about the truth about the production of instant coffee.

In addition, try impressive 3-ingredient cocktails, a new worldwide trend that just hit Greek shores and aims to impress your customers with its clarity and quality in taste.

Also, Dimitris Grivas confides in Snack&Coffee about how he is not resting on his laurels after a high-profile deal with SwitzGroup, but is already launching his new food concept stores ΣΩΣΤΟΣ. Last but not least, columns with ideas, suggestions, innovations and news from the Greek and international coffee market, compose issue 95 of Snack&Coffee. Enjoy your reading!