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The chocolate season begins, and AZ dedicates the October issue to the queen of confectionery. Check out our seasonal Choco Ambassadors

& Choco Experts guide, with top pastry chefs analyzing this year's trends and sharing their recipes (the word this year is "sustainable",

make a note of that!). Also find out about all the available "supplements" of chocolate, from pralines to rolls. Discover deluxe Christmas pies

for your festive showcase and admire the new imaginative concept of the new bakery "La Maison du Pain" in Heraklion, Crete, which combines

French bakery products with a thematic library. Do not miss the detailed report on the breads made of Zea flour, which made a dynamic

comeback during the lockdowns - bakers from different parts of the country explain why. Finally, see what impact of the new proposed

European Nutri Score labeling system may have on Greek food, as well as how Covid-19 changed the European bakery market.

And do not forget: Artoza preparations (www.artoza.com) are at their peak, so that the international exhibition of Bakery, Confectionery and

Ice Cream welcomes, well organized and under safe conditions, professional visitors from all over the country along with the FoodTech

exhibition ( www.foodtech.gr), from 12 to 15 November, at the Metropolitan Expo. See you in the biggest and more influential trade show of

the industry!!