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In the issue 153 of “A-Z”, that has been released, you can find a very instersting tribute about the trends that imposed by the new reality of coronavirus in wich individual packaging is leadind the way. Companies in the industry of packaging talk about their future and present their products. Biologist pastry chef Machi Dimakidou presents three recipes for an irresistible combination of vegan and individual sweets. Dr. Christos Apostolopoulos, from FRIESLAND CAMPINA, and Konstantinos Papadopoulos- Xatzakos, from MEVGAL, comment on the research of Lund University, in Sweden, about the futyre of the dairy industry. Don’t miss the interview of Xavi Donnay, who won the title of Best Pastry Chef for 2020, and talks about his award and his upcoming professional steps. You can find these and much more in the lastest issue of “A-Z” magazine, fully renewed, published 9 times per year, the most prestigious publication of bakery and pasty sector in Greece! Join us in “A-Z” facebook page A-Z Magazine.