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March is here, and the spring season begins with lots of work and hopes for a massive return of the public to its consumer normalcy. A-Z (vol. 164) offers to its professional readers recipes for alternative tsourekia in the shape of toast bread or in the shape of a mini brioche, by the chef boulanger Themo Riga of the avant garde bakery “Maison du Pain”, in Heraklion, Crete. A double temptation, siropiasta, and ice cream, reaches its highest level of taste under the creative baguette of head pastry chef and professor Zafeiris Klovaris, constituting the ideal transition from winter to spring. The award-winning confectioner Lisa Matsa explains the secrets of the art of infusion, while in a moving tribute we "hear", through his own words, the patriarch of greek bakery Vassilis Koukoumerias who passed away in January. The brand new “Ellyz” in Chalandri is the latest addition to the trend of floral pastry shops that is growing stronger in Greece. Finally, do not miss what is legally and scientifically valid for the correct use of coumarin, the reason why Hellenic BakersFederation had an emergency teleconference and of course a full report from the spectacular comeback of HORECA, the No.1 exhibition event in the country!