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With the 33rd Panhellenic Bakery Congress underway (Ioannina, 30/09-02/10/17), the official magazine of the Hellenic Federation of Bakersm (HFB) opens the public debate, giving the floor to the newly elected union presidents from all over the country to express their new trade union ideas. The HFB President, Michalis Mousios, gives a revealing interview about everything, inviting the entire industry to pull together in an earnest effort to collectively deal with challenges. The new campaign to promote the official seal “Kneaded Here-Baked Here” (Εδώ ζυμώνεται-Εδώ Ψήνεται) makes its debut in BAZ issue 191, with the delightful Yannis Zouganelis as the baker, and other unexpected personas. Finally, a plethora of delicious bread recipes, from regions inextricably linked to Hellenism—Smyrna, Pontus, Cyprus, Constantinople—await professionals who wish to make use of them. Discover all the latest trade union news of the industry, and learn more about the official seal campaign, by visiting the official website of the Federation at www.oae.gr.