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The first issue of Snack and Coffee for 2018 (No 76) includes 160 pages and features detailed reportages, exclusive interviews, discussions with coffee experts and all the coffee hot trends for the new year! 

Through an in-depth reportage, all the trends in coffee are featured for the global and greek market. Moreover, we host SCA's research for Western Europe on coffee sales and coffee shops, according to which Greece is in the third place! We host an exclusive interview to Dionysis Moustis, responsible for developing the coffee opportunities for Lavazza coffee in 3E, which explains the importance of training for coffee professionals. We analyze one of the most popular “friends” of coffee, waffle, and how it is served, capturing the views of the entrepreneurs who have already invested in this sweet or savory snack.
We travel to Arachova City, the absolute winter destination for tourists, while we look at the best way of using the social media, with useful advice from experts. Follow us and decode the trend of Apperitivo as presented in various bars of Athens and in an exclusive interview, we discover the secrets of the World Barista Champion 2017, Dale Harris.
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