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Fall season is at its peak, and it provides the perfect opportunity for the implementation of new ideas, for renewal and dynamic beginnings. AZ Magazine, Issue 128, is packed with clever ideas for upgrading your range and services, including ways to effectively combine tarts, biscuits and muffins with the right coffee. The issue will also inform you about the phenomenon of clean label products and how you may use them to market your business. Three acclaimed bakeries make suggestions for chocolate treats—both simple and more eccentric—to help you win over more customers daily. Also, find out which coffee “mistakes” could be responsible for driving customers away from your store, check out basic examples of proper book keeping, learn how to share your information on the ERGANI database and, of course, find out all the latest news about the 33rd Bakery Conference in Ioannina! And, don’t forget, we are expecting to see all of you in XENIA 2017 (25-17/11), at the Μetropolitan Expo (check out the detailed program at www.xenia.gr/en).