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In Z+G Magazine, Issue 177, we “take a dip” in chocolate, with the delicious suggestions of pastry chef, Tasos Tyranopoulos, who presents chocolate versions of ordinary, non-chocolate desserts! The pastry chef/chemist Sotiria Aroni explains how seemingly unmatched flavors lead to original chocolate treats according to modern choco pairing trends, while chocolate sculptor, Hakan Martensson, presents his masterpieces to the Greek audience. A comprehensive report deals with the trend of reviving the coffee shop/patisserie, by chatting with the owners of four successful businesses where sweets are combined with coffee, and listing all the factors and elements that contribute to the success of the concept and ensure that a coffee shop/patisserie has a place in the modern Foodservice landscape. We inaugurate the Catering Ideas column, with Electra Metropolis’ executive chef, Theodosios Venetis, presenting beloved Greek flavors, with a creative, contemporary approach. Also, the confectioner and President of the Hellas Pastry Chef Club, Angelos Ypokamisas, gives an in-depth interview, detailing his long professional career. We present an exclusive chat with the internationally renowned pastry chef, Karim Bourgi, who recently visited Greece and shared his love for simplicity and his enthusiasm about the high level of Greek pastry chefs. Finally, in this issue, you will find a detailed report on the recent elections of the Bakers Association of Greece, where Ioannis Glykos was elected President for the second time. Happy reading!