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Artisanal Bakery and Pastry

Hellenic Bakers' Federation official magazine

The magazine “Viotechniki Artopoiia & Zacharoplastiki” (Artisan Bakery & Pastry), published every two months, provides every artisan baker with a valuable means of communication. With thorough knowledge of the bakery sector and extensive reportages, this magazine presents all the activities and initiatives taken by the Hellenic Bakers' Federation and local bakery associations, as well as all the latest trends in the Greek and international bakery and pastry field. Moreover, the magazine features recipies by top bakers, food technology, marketing and business management articles willing to offer modern bakers an indispensable work tool. FORUM SA took over the publication of “Viotechniki Artopoiia Zacharoplastiki” in October 2007, starting a new page in the magazine's history by modernising its appearance and enriching its content.